Are there recurring costs associated with keeping my website up?
Yes.  Your website will at least have hosting fees to the company we set the website up with (usually between $14 and $30/month) and you’ll have a domain name fee (usually about $30 per year).  Depending on the complexity of your site, you may require additional apps or services that may incur a monthly or yearly fee.  We’ll be sure to communicate what those services are before we agree on our package.


If I don’t have a domain name, will you get one for me?
No; we always you to purchase your own domain name so YOU own it, and not us.  We’re glad you trust us and all, but we want to make sure your intellectual property is safe and secure, in your possession.


What if we get to the final approval and I don’t approve?
If you asked for a certain revision and we didn’t quite get it right, we’ll work on it again at no cost until you approve of it.  However, if we get to the end, and you want something new added to the site we didn’t agree on, we’ll perform the revision for an additional $125.


What if I don’t know how and what content I’ll need for you to start the project?
We offer copywriting services to help you originate good content for an additional cost, based on how much copy you need.  This can include writing product & service descriptions, bios and taglines.


I'm a bottom line kind of person... how much does this all cost?

Since every organization has different needs, we create custom package pricing for each project.  As well, we consider your budget when developing the plan for the project.  Things like the number of pages, special features and the amount of content displayed all affect the price.

After I launch the website, are you going to leave me out there by myself?
Not at all!  With our plans, we include basic support within the first 30 days after the project completion.  For instance, if you make a mistake updating the website and can’t figure out how to fix it with the instructions we give you, we’re glad to help via phone call or email.  Beyond 30 days of the end of the project, we offer basic website revisions at $125 per round of revisions.


Have even more questions?  Schedule a consultation call, and we’ll be glad to answer them for you!

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