Why doesn't my website show up on Google?

Your website is important. And it matters that people see it, so naturally, you want it to show up when people search for businesses like yours on Google. So you go and try to search for your business, and… crickets! What’s going on?

The assumption is that if I publish a website, it should immediately show up…. Wrong!

Sometimes it does, but most likely not immediately! There are a number of factors that help your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is what causes it to rise higher in rank on Google. Here are things you can do now to help it show up…

1. Use highly searchable words within the content of your website.

Simply put, use words that your audience uses when they search for businesses like yours. This can be as simple as adding “Chicago Real Estate Agent” to the header of your website.

2. Register your business on Google.

This is an important step most people miss! By registering your business on Google (and making sure your website is listed), you automatically help your rating. Many times, this first step can help your site to show up immediately.

3. Share your website link on social media often.

The more you share your website, the more Google begins to recognize it!

For a deeper dive into optimizing your website, we’re glad to help! Schedule a call with us today so we can help!

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